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Voice of Millions (VOM) is a multilingual news agency in English, Hindi and Urdu, recognised as the nation's most dependable and credible source of news and information, serving some 10 million readers, listeners and viewers every day.

The Voice of Millions News Agency enjoys the respect of the national and international media because of its objective, responsible and ethical journalism.

Voice of Millions aim to report objectively actions, identity and background and pay particular attention to all our coverage in extremely sensitive regions.

Besides National, International political news, the Voice of Millions also places special emphasis on the coverage of economic, social, cultural and sports news. It extensively covers villages, districts and states.
Indian Christians offer hospitals, service to fight Covid-19
Does Religion Matter? Communal Violence in India
Panic and confusion as India's migrant workers head home
Test-Fire of Super-large Multiple Rocket Launchers Conducted in DPRK
Avoid dehydration and water loss this summer
No Friday prayers, says Muslim Personal Law Board
Shariah Council of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind stand regarding the congregational prayer (Namaz with Jamaat
Petroleum & Explosives Safety Organization takes various measures to address the problems faced by Petroleum, Explosives, Oxygen and Industrial Gas Industries
Militants attack patrolling party in Pulwama village
Rafi Mir demands special economic package for J&K
Press Release on the Extraordinary Virtual G20 Leaders’ Summit
First Step in Right Direction, Says Rahul Gandhi on Centre's Financial Package to Tackle Coronavirus Congress leader Rahul Gandhi
Mamata Requests CMs of 18 States to Provide Aid to Bengal Workers Stranded due to Lockdown
88 new coronavirus cases reported, highest in a day in India; number inches toward 724, death toll at 17
Israeli forces demolish shed, well in Salfit-district town
Syrians suffer under YPG, flee Assad regime violence
Telephonic Conversation between PM and Amir of the State of Qatar
Jamaat-e-Islami Hind condemns the killing of Sikhs in Kabul
Delhi Government's Minority panel asks Muslims to obey Corona-related restriction
The Voice of Millions is a network of local correspondents and reporters covering all districts in India, as well as receiving dispatches from its international partners and overseas correspondents. Voice of Millions specialized coverage is widely used at length on newspaper section.

We do not take sides and attempt to reflect in our stories, pictures and video the views of all sides. We are not in the business of glorifying one side or another or of disseminating propaganda. VOM journalists do not offer their own opinions or views.

Voice of Millions news Agency operations are based on the company's Trust Principles which stipulate that the integrity, independence and freedom from bias of VOM must be upheld at all times.

Voice of Millions has strict policies in place to ensure adherence to these principles. We are committed to accurate and balanced reporting. Errors of fact are always promptly corrected and clearly published.

Voice of Millions is no affiliation that any big business house, political or ideological group. The media company is run by professionals, with long years of experience in the media and with a collective vision of carving a niche in quality of content and product in a media scene that is getting increasingly crowded and competitive with new names in print, electronic and web.

Voice of Millions is a information company providing indispensable information tailored for professionals in the financial services, media and corporate markets. Our information is trusted and drives decision making across the globe. We have a reputation for speed, accuracy and freedom from bias.

Subscribers include many leading Newspapers in Districts, States, Foreign Missions, small and medium newspapers in English Urdu and Hindi and Non- Governmental Organisations.
Impact of Terrorism on Civilization
In a spirited speech NASYM Chairman Subhash Chowdhary
Impact of Terrorism on Civilisation
The Threat to Civilization No..
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