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Report by Mohammed Younus Siddiqui

The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in India in a press statement on 2nd may, 2019, hereby informs that the Government of President Nicolás Maduro has defeated a new attempt by foreign powers to sow confusion and unrest in the national territory of Venezuela.

    Early in the morning of April 30th, a group of representatives of the National Assembly and a reduced number of low-ranking military officers called for a military insurrection which was not followed by the Bolivarian Armed Force, including a number of soldiers who claimed to have been deceived as they were brought to the gathering point.

   This destabilization media operation has been aided and abetted from abroad by the presidents of Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Panama, Paraguay, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the White House Security Advisor John Bolton, U.S. Republican Senator Marco Rubio, the president of the European Parliament, Mr. Tajani, and even the OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro, who by the way was calling for a meeting that day because he was aware of the coup plot.

They all, in an interventionist criminal manner, called the Venezuelan military forces to disobey their legitimate commanders so as to promote chaos in Venezuela.

    The Constitutional Government headed by President Nicolás Maduro has swiftly acted and isolated the action to create public unrest with thorough care of Human Rights and fundamental liberties of the people in Venezuela.

President Nicolás Maduro has proved once again that his Government is the true and sole fundamental guarantor of peace in Venezuela and the legitimate constitutional order in our nation.

After isolating the situation that morning, absolute normality reigned throughout the whole national territory. The president has taken the necessary steps to guarantee peace and security for our people, the public order institutions and the appropriate courts will enforce the Rule of Law.

We call the international community and the peoples of the world to reject

        this violent attempt promoted by foreign powers to destroy the constitutional order of Venezuela and we alert that this new kind of coup d'etat from abroad violates the United Nations Charter and the International Law.

The International Community should express its firm position to defend the principles of independence, sovereignty, self-determination of the peoples and peace for all nations.

    The morning of April 30th we have endured a very dangerous and criminal attempt supported by the United States administration. They were aware of the plot to the extent that Mr. Bolton himself said that the coup failed because there were more important people who were part of the plan who refrained froi

     The government of the United States deems Venezuela its property and continuously tries to destabilize it using domestic agents, but, even though it was a very dangerous attempt, the same was very clumsy because it neither has the will of the people nor the public order forces nor the forces of the State.

It is absolutely evidenced that the puppet government which seeks recognition by the United Nations is nothing but a U.S. arm in Venezuela.

     The Government of President Nicolás Maduro has defeated a new attempt to produce a civil war in Venezuela, a new attempt to sow chaos which may open the gates for a foreign military intervention.

     It was especially evident that the majority of the people want peace and this violent criminal group, supported from abroad - The sole oxygen they receive to survive in their violence is the support of the United States administration which has recognized to have participated in the plot.

      One of the coup leaders, Mr. Leopoldo López, had allegedly requested political asylum at the Chilean Embassy to Caracas. The chilean government supports the coup as well and several criminals are guess in its Embassy.

     Twenty-five low-rank soldiers who participated in the coup that morning requested asylum at the Embassy of Brazil and Mr. Bolsonaro is granting them protection.

      They use the diplomatic channels to plot and unleash violence in Venezuela, thus misusing the diplomatic privileges to create a civil war in Venezuela.

     The people of Venezuela have triumphed because peace has triumphed, because the Constitution has triumphed. President Nicolás Maduro is the key factor today that actually guarantees peace in Venezuela for our people and for the region.

    The President has committed not to using lethal weapons against the people. The sole weapons that were used that morning were the ones in the hands of the coup followers who shot against an Army Colonel wounding his neck, and against other soldiers with him who were protecting La Carlota air base facilities.

      The sole incident, which can perfectly been an accident, is one involving one of the armored vehicles that had been recovered by the loyalist army which was under attack by some of the civilian followers of the coup and which seems to have run over a person. That is the image that is being repeatedly shown in the media in an attempt to show that as an excessive act of repression by our government.

Whereas Mr. Guaidó is in his office, he is sending people to the streets to act as cannon fodder always in the pursuit of blood, seeking to generate a commotion which can be later used by the media.

     A good number of that people on the street yesterday were tossing Molotov cocktails, setting fire on public vehicles and trying to cause harm against human life. They are not peaceful protesters. They are violent people. The military side of the story is over.

Mr. Leopoldo López called that morning for a military insurrection. It is the same Leopoldo López who on April 11th, 2002 called for a military insurrection; it is the same Leopoldo López who in 2014 called for a military insurrection... He has spent 19 years calling for a military insurrection.

We have denounced the coup at the Non-aligned countries and requested the solidarity for the principles of non-interference, defense of peace and self-determination of the people.

What happened the morning of April 30th, 2019, has an enormous criminal potential and it is a coup manufactured by the United States. It is the typical U.S.-staged military coup in Latin America. It failed because it lacks support of the people.

       If what they showed that morning was all those coup plotters had, then, President Maduro might be re-elected and remained in office for other 20 years. The truly most dangerous thing they have is the support of the United States government.

      Evidently, Mr. Guaidó has committed a crime. It is treason for he is acting on behalf of a foreign power. In the United States or in any other country he would be committed to trial and incarcerated. But it is the Venezuelan Judiciary the Branch of Government which will act.

     The unilateral, coercive and illegal sanctions are killing people. Such sanctions are weapons of mass destruction. The smoke cannot be seen, but the impact, the consequences in terms of suffering and death are conspicuous.

     This is not a local, domestic, endogenous fact. This is an international development. Without the power of the United States, without the CIA, without the intelligence apparatus , without the U.S. money, without the economic war, without the government of president Duque in Colombia, without the government of Chile and without Mr. Bolsonaro in Brazil, such coup attempt would have been impossible. This is an international plot.

     The main purpose of Venezuelan diplomacy is to stop the Mr. Trump's war on Venezuela. We must prevent such criminal action may end destroying a country that does not represent any threat to anyone. We are witnessing a crime in progress, that morning of April 30th, 2019, was one of the steps taken for such crime. 

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