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  Appeal to the world community!

Appeal to the world community! 

Mr. President Ilham Aliyev addressed the 75th session of the UN General  Assembly in a video format. Armenian contact line and Armenia-Azerbaijan  targeted civilians along the border, committed provocations and Armenia  phobic statements and provocations against Azerbaijan. He informed the  UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and the heads of state of all member  states at the UN session that Armenia was preparing for a new war against  Azerbaijan. Armenia attacked the Republic of Azerbaijan using all military  means in order to commit another provocation and re-occupy our territories. As  a result, the Armenian Armed Forces attacked Gapanli village of Tartar region,  Chiragli and Middle Garvand villages of Aghdam region, Alkhanli and  Shukurbayli villages of Fuzuli region and Jojug Marjanli village of Jabrayil  region on September 27, 2020 at 06:00 with large-caliber weapons, mortars and  various caliber artillery devices. There were heavy casualties among the  Azerbaijani civilian population. At the same time, civilian infrastructure was  severely damaged. 

In response, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Aliyev,  ordered a counterattack on our army in order to protect the security of the  civilian population and move the line of contact away from the settlements. In  all his speeches, the head of state repeatedly referred to Articles 3, 5, 12 and 28  of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As a result, our armed  forces targeted only military facilities and equipment. Nevertheless, the  Armenian side purposefully targeted all settlements along the contact line of the  Republic of Azerbaijan in order to create panic among the population and in  violation of all international conventions, in particular the Geneva Convention. 

A meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Russian Federation, the Republic of  Azerbaijan and Armenia took place in Moscow on October 10, and as a result of  the meeting it was decided to impose a ceasefire for humanitarian purposes.  However, despite this, the Armenian armed forces fired long-range missiles at  several cities outside the Azerbaijani-Armenian border. The heaviest blow was  struck at 02:00 on October 11 in Ganja, the second largest city in the country in  terms of population and located far from the battle zone. The next rocket fired  by the Armenian armed forces at Ganja was fired from a larger-caliber missile  and aimed at a building with a large and densely populated civilian population.  As a result of the missile strike, 35 people were injured and 9 died. This proves  once again that the rocket attack on the city of Ganja is an act of terrorism and  is aimed at the destruction of the civilian population, as well as the act of  genocide against Azerbaijanis.

We consider this step by Armenia to be a war crime and a gross violation of the  Geneva Conventions. Thus; 

1. The Geneva Conventions of August 12, 1949 and the three protocols  annexed to them in 1977 and 2005 are the main documents of  International Humanitarian Law (IHR), and Armenia has grossly violated  the provisions of these documents by committing an act of terrorism  against the civilian population of Azerbaijan.

2. “The Declaration on the Protection of Women and Children in  Emergencies and Armed Conflict.", adopted by the UN General  Assembly on 14 December 1974, states that “the civilian population,  especially its most vulnerable women and children, "Attacks and  bombings that cause untold suffering are prohibited and should be  condemned." 

3. Armenia has committed war crimes against humanity. The International  Criminal Court (ICC) has Hague Court to investigate and prosecute such  crimes. This court hears crimes such as occupation, war crimes against  humanity, and genocide. It should not be forgotten that there is Article 13  of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. When one or  more such crimes are committed, the UN Security Council may appeal to  the International Criminal Court to initiate an investigation. 

According to the charters of the courts of Nuremberg, Rwanda and the  former Yugoslavia, the act of terrorism committed by the Armenian state must  also be considered a war crime and must have its legal value by the international  court of justice. 

In conclusion, it should be noted that the Institute of Law and Human Rights  of ANAS condemns these actions of Armenia, which contradict the norms of  international humanitarian law and humanity in general, and we appeal to our  partners around the world to support us.

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